More shit

We opened up the office of our dead man so that the invesitgation team could look; it was a complete mess. Someone was in there looking for something, but the teams say nothing was left behind (ie; no signature, not even mundane prints, and certainly no chakra)...the man's office was a locked room in the middle of central government's admin complex. This is a bad situation and government are scared.

Apparently, Baki heard from Konoha's Hokage about the black sky, which happened about half an hour after we found the body...according to close people, he was kind of terse replying (we don't know anything!). I have a job now though; to put the forces, such juunin as we have and all ANBU teams, on high alert, priority; emergency.

I have to recall our Hunters too; we need the manpower...:< We're seriously low on people. Sand is still comparatively weak...if anyone finds this out we'd be screwed so...hush hush. :S

Tsunade; Private Entry

I have sent communications to all the other Kages (except *him* and Jiraiya was with him - again - so Sound is obviously fine...*I roll my eyes sky wards....*). Everyone has spoken to me now and everyone saw the same thing. Sand were reluctant to communicate. Something has happened there. The feudal Lord of Fire has contacted me too. Everyone is scared.
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